Monday, 5 December 2011

What to cook?

What to cook? Ever wondered that? It's something I spend a disproportionate amount of time thinking about.

Last sunday, my lovely sister came for lunch. I was exhausted and had no food in. And my sister is a vegan. Not entirely out of choice I should add. Take a vegetarian with a diary intolerance and you pretty much end up vegan, apart from eggs and honey I guess.

I felt really uninspired to cook, but I suddenly had a brainwave - an idea I had seen on Nigel Slater's most recent television series, roasted peppers with tomatoes and garlic.

The photos are quite dark. It was a cold and gloomy day in London. One of those days when you stay in with the light and heating on all day long. And this recipe, although it appears summery, was just perfect. Warm, comforting, yet vibrant and fresh. I'm not going to even write a recipe here. All I did was cut peppers in half, remove the pith and seeds and stuff them with cherry tomatoes and garlic cloves (skin on), followed by a drizzle of great quality extra virgin olive oil and bake until soft and slightly charred at the edges.

I served the peppers with some homemade black olive spelt soda bread (recipe to come soon) to mop up the juices.

Here's one of my favourite photos of my sister and me. I'm so lucky to have such a wonderful sister


  1. That pepper dish looks lovely and your comments about your sister are very sweet! I sometimes wish I'd had a sister, I have a brother but you always think the grass is greener I suppose!

  2. Thank you Kerry, that's really nice of you. The pepper dish is so easy, cheap and delicious. Do try it!

    You are right about people often thinking the grass is greener. I am very lucky though.

    Your Christmas tree is looking gorgeous by the way!!


  3. What a delicious combination! So easy too. Thats one on my "to make" list. A sister is indeed a wonderful thing, great picture!

  4. Thank you Jayne! I actually bought the ingredients from Lidl in Brixton - was so cheap and tasty! I can't claim any credit for it - all Nigel Slater's idea, but well worth a go!

    You are right, a sister is a wonderful thing!

  5. what a deliciously simple idea.

    I too benefit from having a fabulous sister and don't know what I'd do without her. Sisters rock! ;-) xx