Sunday, 27 November 2011

Bite n Write

So, after all the excitement of Let’s Make Christmas in London last friday, I had a very early start last Saturday morning to catch the train up to Birmingham to go to Bite n Write.
I’ve been looking forward to this event for months now, particularly as some of my favourite food bloggers were going, and most of them live up North i.e. a long way away from me, so it was a great opportunity to catch up.
The day started at Birmingham New Street where we had all arranged to meet up. It was a bit surreal all meeting up and putting faces to Twitter names, trying to spot fellow food bloggers waiting on the concourse, too! How do you spot a fellow food blogger? I was going to tweet what I was wearing, but then thought that the brown hair, black coat, jeans, black boots etc would possibly not be the most helpful description...
Having gathered the troops, we headed en masse to the Custard Factory in Birmingham. Fortunately, Louise knew where we were going, as this was my first trip to Birmingham! I’m not sure how I have never been there before, but there you go.
We all had chance to grab a coffee and mingle before the conference started. First up on the agenda was Craig Fraser from Frasershot, a professional photographer who offered some excellent advice on obtaining good quality food photographs at home. This was followed by lunch and chocolate tasting from Artisan du Chocolat. Their chocolates were exceptionally good, and we were lucky enough to try a great number of samples from their chocolate range, including flavoured bars (marsala chai and mole were my personal favourites), and some delicious chocolates and truffles, including the wierd: sage and thyme, and the wonderful: tobacco and jasmine tea.
In the afternoon we were treated to talks from Jeanne from Cook Sister and Ben from the Great British Bake off, and of course, moi.
As most of you know who were there, I attempted to condense my presentation to try and recuperate some time, as we were running very late by this time, so sorry it was rather rushed.
The afternoon rounded off with a Wordpress workshop, and then drinks at a nearby bar. A few of us headed out for dinner and drinks afterwards, which was lots of fun. Here’s hoping there will be another Bite N Write next year. Thank you to Annie for organising the day.
Here are some of my photos of the day

Artisan du Chocolat chocolates
My lovely fellow bloggers
Blogger cupcakes!
Ben Fraser from the Great British Bake Off talking on video blogging
The lovely @comidayvida and @tinnedtoms talking over supper

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